Scenery Solutions
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We offer products that will give you realistic and beautiful results and not break your budget!

Custom Hade Made Trees, Fruit Trees and Shrubs. We even offer them partially finished, we have the armatures assembled, treated and ready for you to paint and add textures and leaves to your liking and color.


We custom make trees in all scales and styles and colors

We also offer great products to make your own trees, choose from starter kits of the Super Trees or Super Sage Trees or just buy the items you want individually.

Some of the items you will find in the shop now pages are Super Leaf, Matte Medium, Super Tree bulk and Super Sage bulk and dont forget the Glycerine to help preserve and keep your scenery items looking fresh and new.

We also carry Candy Tuft, preserved and colored or get natural to create whatever

color you wish. Very easy to make into trees, just seperate the stems and paint the stems to your bark color and use fine floral wire to wrap the stems and creat the trunk. Cover the wire trunk with latex caulking and paint and you are ready to plant your tree. Each bunch will create 10-20 trees depending on the size you are building. Instructions included with each order.