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Scenic Express Landscaping Supplies

We are proud to add Scenic Express Supplies to our line. From the Super Leaf and Super Trees and Super Sage Trees to the Super Turf and Flock along with the fantastic Silflor items. If you are into true natural looking detail try the Scenic Express items as they look so much more realistic and natural than others on the market you wont believe how much better your scenery will look. Great colors and textures are available in many varieties and the products are very affordable for any project. Go to the Shop Now page and see what we have to offer!

Super Leaf is a great product, If you love to make your own trees

then you need to try Super Leaf. So much better than the normal foam

it actually looks like leaves and it is available in so many colors

Super Trees are a beautiful and easy tree to make, If you hate the look of plastic trees and how hard they are to make look real then try the Super Tree! The starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started and also available in the bulk tree material.

Super Turf is a fantastic product, it is a more open texture than most foams and looks

more realistic as bushes and over growth. Available in a nice variety of greens and in

shakers or Economy bags. Give it a try you will love the look it gives your scenery!

Super Sage is another beautiful tree with Sage being used for the trunk! The starter kit comes with everything you need to make some very detailed and unique trees, also available in the bulk sage pack

Scenic Express has taken scenery to a new level! If you love having true natural looking scenery you need to try our products, more natural looking and easy to work with and very economical. Go to the Shop Now page and look through what we have to offer, we are a full line dealer so if there is something you want that is not listed give us a call, we may just have it and not on our site or we can add it to an order and get it quickly and save you on shipping!!